Wedding Photographer Ireland

Love is worth capturing every single moment of it. Let me be your memory catcher.
I am photographing weddings and couples around the globe. Taking photographs feels like making parts of your love timeline last forever. I want to capture real moments, real emotions. I want to be a part of your beautiful adventure. Forget about poses and fake smile. Let’s make it real.


Hi! I am Lukas and I am a Kung Fu photographer. I know, I know.. it sound a little bit silly. But I really believe in philosophy, that balance is what’s leading us to a happy life.

I am here because i believe that love is the deepest of human emotions. I want to make this feeling last forever on my photographs, real and natural emotions of two people in love.

Experience! I really want to offer you the best experience. I want you to feel comfortable and free while we are working together, actually I’d really like to become your friend, who not only will take a pictures, but will stay with you in the form of photographs that will remind you of the most important day of your life.

Contact me, and let’s start to create your story!

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