Adventure Trip, Wicklow.

Adventure Trip, that’s how workshop lead by Mark Pacura was called. Prior to Islanders wedding photography conference in Kilkenny, we had opportunity to photograph this lovely couple. There was so cold, snowy and windy at the time in Wicklow mountains, but Laurie and Dave did great job, wasn’t affraid to pose in very harsh circumstances. And here’s effect of our common work, please take a look.

Something from me. If you’ll ever have an opportunity to visit Ireland, please don’t forget to visit Wicklow mountains. One of my favourite places not only in Ireland but whole world. Beautiful landscapes, mountains, lakes and forests. Great place to take a break and forget about everyday’s rush. If you’d ever be planning to visit Wicklow for elopement wedding, you can always contact me, so I can help you plan your day. You can contact me if you’d not even planning wedding, I like to meet new people.