Love Story Session, Tuscany

Love story session in Tuscany, that I had pleasure to create for Amy and Artur was one of most beautiful scenes I’ve seen. Not only because of stunning area but also because of circumstances in which those two lovely people have met. Amy is an Indian girl, that came over to Italy recently and Artur is not Italian neither. They’re both from totally different parts of the world, but they managed to be at the same place and time to meet each other and start writing their beautiful story.

Wedding Photographer Italy

It wasn’t the first time I had a pleasure to photograph beautiful people in Italy. Earlier this year I had a pleasure to be part of beautiful wedding in Verona, where Anna and Davide was celebrating their marriage (where Artur was a second photographer, by the way). For me, beying here and to have a possibility to work in this country is like fulfiling my dream. I give Italy a special feeling, I used to live here on some stage in my life and I am still coming back here with big fondness.

Wedding in Tuscany

Do you know, what is amazing about getting married in Tuscany?
Everything! Tuscany is one of most beautiful spots I’ve ever been (and I travel a lot). Unique atmosphere, beautiful views, great weather almost all year round. All of this is making Tuscany a perfect place to get married. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a big wedding with guests and big party or just intimite elopement wedding. Tuscany is offering solutions for everyone who wants to feel real Italian vibes.
So if you’re planning to get married somewhere in Italy (not only Tuscany) and you need a photographer who really knows the country and can help you not only with making pictures. But also with planning your big day, feel free to contact me and let’s start writing your special story!

and now, Amy and Artur: