Kung Fu Wedding Photographer

Lukas Duszak

You probably think that I’m running ’round with a camera in my hand during the day and meditate during the night. You are pretty close, but the full truth is that I’m far from being a silent monk. Between these two things, I laugh a lot, travel around the world (the one known universe and the others), I meet new people, I’m constantly improving. I love kindness and good fun, and where else can you find both of these things if it’s not at the wedding.

I hope, that after the end of our adventure, I will somehow stay with you, even in the form of images that we made, which with a smile of happiness, you will hang on the wall, somewhere in your new home at the beginning of your journey to common perfection…

My way of photography is to do my all best to catch natural moments of pure emotions. I do the documentary style of photography. There is not much posing. I love to capture moments exactly as they are. But if we have time and circumstances allow, we’ll take a ride on our creativity and create super cool portraits.

"Love is more powerful than kicking ass"
Li Lian Jie

My point of view

I call myself Kung Fu Wedding Photographer, because in my opinion, life is about balance. I try to find it in everything I do. The balance between work and life is important for me. I am lucky that I can work while doing what I love. Photography is one of my greatest passions in life, just like traveling. Working as destination wedding photographer allows me to find joy every day. Thanks to my occupation, I can do what I love and enjoy life to fulfill some of my dreams. Apart from photography and traveling, I also like some other things. I love meditation and kung fu. Here I find a balance between physicality and spirituality in life. I’m improving myself every day and trying to become a better person. I love to meet new people, laugh a lot and get the best out of life.

The history of each of us is unique. I love meeting people and writing their love stories with my photographs. In my opinion, this is the best method to keep these moments last forever. I love weddings and love stories, they are full of positive energy that simply affects me in a positive way. During the wedding, I can balance hard work and passion. Key moments elevate me to higher levels of consciousness and concentration, and when we can give ourselves some loose and be creative in making portraits, I am in my inner world, and then the magic happens! Please take some time to become familiar with my work. I hope to see you soon, capturing your special story.