Verona Wedding Photographer.

Verona Wedding Photographer. This title allows me to really enjoy the work I do. I was asked to document Anna and Davide’s wedding, which will take place in Verona, Italy this summer.

But from the beginning, the beautiful landscape you can see in the pictures are Wicklow mountains in Ireland. Ireland, here Anna and Davide met and decided to spend the rest of their lives together. When I was asked to do their engagement photo session, I did not even suspect how it would end. I did not know that Davide is Italian and comes from Verona (Anna is Polish). During our session, we talked on many topics and one of them was Italy, Italian cuisine and their wedding, when I heard that it will take place in my favorite city in my favorite country, I just kept repeating in my mind “take me, take me”.

And here I am, preparing my luggage and I’m ready for great adventure with Anna and Davide in sunny Italy! June 2018, stay tuned!